New Chapter


In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I’m back!

Four years ago, in the summer of 2012, my daughter and I decided to start a new hobby together; running.  We started with a small, 3 mile fun run, and planned to increase from there. And with this new hobby, I wanted to create a unique way to track our progress.

And with that, my blog was born.

In the infancy stage, I wrote at least two times a week.  Then, of course, life took over and it became once a week and then a few times a month.  And at some point, most recently, I just stopped writing at all.  There were times that I felt bad that I wasn’t writing; as if people would miss it.  I felt a bit guilty as if I was neglecting something.  I haven’t written in FOREVER.  Maybe for a lack of what to write about.  Maybe because I was too busy enjoying life to write.  Or maybe I have been just too lazy.

But then I realized that there is some part of me that was missing that creative part of my life.  It has been an outlet; a way to express myself about subjects and people that I can not necessary share in ‘real life’ for one reason or another.

For such a long time, I have been just living.  Going to work, loving my daughter and my fur babies, hanging with friends, searching for Mr. Right and be active but not really FULLY engaging in any of those situations.   And over the last few months, I have been trying to figure out why I have been fully involved in anything or anyone.  And though, I don’t think that me getting back to blogging will answer all my questions, I do believe it is a one of the many steps that I am employing in this new chapter of my life.

So get ready… I’m back and maybe better than ever.


For better or worse, I have launched a new chapter of my life.  I have moved back to Florida but this time, closer to Fort Lauderdale/ Miami area!  I am working for an amazing new organization as an Event Planner/ Manager of a brand new venture (more to come later).  I am single and so ready to Mingle!  Bring on the attractive South Florida men!  I am looking for someone different; nothing like I have ever dated.  I am living on my own for the first time in 20+ years but with a roommate (more on that later) and so ready to see what that is all about.  I am still a fun, involved Mama but from afar as I enjoy my daughter launching her own new chapter at college.  And I am ready for new experiences, new adventures and up for anything.  In the words of someone that I recently gotten to know and completly look up to as a great inspiration model (Ms. Kelsey Lehnen), I am going to remember to put myself first in this new chapter and will do something that makes me happy every day.

Ready to join this new chapter with me?  Love to hear your comments!

Goals- 2015

set and reach goal concept

Depending on what website you google or magazine article you read, you will see that most people do not keep their new year’s resolutions.  73% of people give up on their new year’s resolutions before the end of January.

Maybe that is why I, along with so many other people, stop making new year’s resolutions.  Rather, each year, I make new year goals.  Goals of things that I want to accomplish for the year but that wont runi anything if they don’t get accomplish. Goals of things that I want to do more of or things that I want to stop doing.  And I have realized something in the last year, if you share your goals with others and the universe, chances are that the goals are easier to accomplish because you have support from friends and others to hold you accountable.

So friends and universe, here are my 2015 Goals (in no particular order):

Goal 1:  Engage in once a montly activities with my daughter (Mom and Daughter dates):

  • Go on a monthly ‘date’ with my daughter that doesn’t involve a hoilday, birthday or school activity
  • Develop a shared hobby?
  • Explore different interests
  • Enjoy our time together before college

Goal 2: Develop a overall healthier lifestyle

  • workout at least 4 days a week
  • take a spin class
  • eat better and more often
  • cut out all soda – goodbye dear Moutain Dew Friend
  • do one activity that is active and outdoor at least twice a month
  • drink more water
  • enter a few races

Goal 3:  Travel more

  • explore local areas in more detail
  • travel out of state
  • travel out of country
  • take 1 adult only trip with friends (couples or other friends) or a significant other
  • take a girls only trip
  • take more trips with my daughter
  • take my daughter and her friends on a fun girls trip

Goal 4: Learn how to swing Dance

  • take swing dance lessons
  • relearn country line dances
  • put the dances in action at local country dancing holes

Goal 5:  Enrich, develop and invest in female friendships

  • Enrich my current friendships with female friends
  • Develop new friendships
  • Invest in more female friendship activies; painting nights, races, shopping, volunteer opportunities,  wine tasting, double dates (if I ever have a man – ha- maybe that should be a goal), dance lessons, game nights, and more.

What are you goals?  Thoughts on my goals?  Anyone like to step up and hold me accountable?

Thankfulness month – Day 14-16

Thankfulness month

Again, good idea to blog each day with what I am thankful for has not happen!  Darn life gets in the way of blogging!  HA

Day 14:  Creativity

I am thankful for those that have and welcome creativity in their lives and daily world!


Day 15: my sweet pup vet

On this day, I am thankful for the vet office that my doggies go to. They take great care of my pups and are flexible with scheduling.  My baby girl pup HATES her nails getting cut and they are so sweet with her when she has to get them done.

Day 16:  wine  wine

Simple put after a long day, I am thankful for wine!




Thankfulness: Day 13: Gina & Heather

Thankfulness day 13: I am thankful for my two friends Heather and Gina who I had a pleasure of celebrating this birthdays with this week


It was great fun toIMG_0157-0.JPG share our Ramb girls tradition of birthday week with Gina. It was fun to pick out different treats to give and see her smile when she opened them. We still owe you two Miss Gina- you will get them both today!





And it was equally fun to go out dancing for Heather’s birthday! The dancing was fun, drinks good and the company and laughs even better! Thanks for including me Miss Heather!!IMG_0144.JPG



Thankfulness month


So epic fall… my attempt to write daily blog of thankfulness has failed somewhere around the fifth day of the month.   I certainly feel thankful each day but daily life has taken over and the exercise of daily blogging just can’t happen.

Rather than abandon the idea, I am going to play catch up so sit back and hold on to your seats:

  • Thankful Day 5:

the-power-of-music-quotesI am thankful for music.  Although I know that my choice in music has not always been the best and I am horrible about singing with my favorite song, I am thankful for music and how it makes me feel!  Nothing is better than singing in your car or in the shower or dancing to tunes while vacuuming!

  • Thankful Day 7:

I am thankful for all law enforcement and fire department agencies in my area.  I had the pleasure of getting to volunteer at a community event in which law and fire officers helped families with a Secret Santa adventure. With all the negative press in the world for what bad things law enforcement and fire agencies do, it was amazingly touching to see them volunteer their time and fully interaction with children, ages 5-12, to make their Christmas magical.  Check out the article at:


  • Thankful Day 8

I am thankful for coffee.   Coffee came into my life a few years ago and althought it is not something that I ‘have’ to have or even something that I engage in daily but nonetheless, coffee is a welcome addition to my life and something that keeps me warm, awake and happy.

  • Thankful Day 9:

I am thankful for my friend LaTanya.  She is an amazing reminder to me that a good friendship is not one in which you have to see each other every day or talk every day.  But rather you can still have a good, close friendship if you focus on the positive, good times that you do have together.  Thank you for the laughs over beer and thank you for also reminding me that it is not all about me!  bw friends

  • Thankful Day 10:

I am thankful for allergy meds.  As a mother, I certainly don’t want to be in a situation where I knowing agree to something that my child will have to do or take for the rest of her life to make her healthy but in this case, I am certainly thankful for allergy meds and how they make it easier for my daughter to get through each day without being overwhelmed with sinus stuff.

  • Thankful Day 11:

I am thankful for the power of beer.  Beer speaks – a delivered Christmas tree for a 12 pack of beer (that was a gift and left over from my birthday) – consider it done!

  • Thankful Day 12:

I am thankful for my good friend Michael.  After a long day of work and a sick kiddo, Michael showed up with beautiful flowers and smiles to help kiddo feel better and to give me a break!  Michael and his outstanding son came into our lives a few months ago in a very unexpected way but I am thankful for his ability to make me laugh, his many attempts to make my life less stressful and for his kindness!IMG_2710






Well now that we are caught up, let’s see if I can stick with this plan!