Thankful Month: Day 4 & 5

Thankfulness Day Four:

I am thankful for transportation.  Throughout my life, I have relied on several different modes of transportation.  As a young girl, nothing was better than walking barefoot in the sunshine.  Born and raised a Florida girl, I was never at a lost for sunshine!  You can’t deny how amazing the Florida sun and how the warm sand feels under your toes!  My love of walking grew more and more during the summers that I spend in the mountains of NC.  The quiet calm of the mountains mixed with the cool temperatures and the opportunity to be at peace with yourself or love ones that escape with you.  Although I am not an outdoors type of girl, nothing made me happier than hiking with my Grandfather in the mountains of Hendersonville.  Like any typically teenager, when I hit 15, I was anxiously looking forward to get my driver’s license.  The love of walking was quickly replaced with the joy of getting behind the wheel!  The power of driving, the love of the alone time that it offered and the joy of the ability of just go; whenever and where ever is what attracted me to driving.  Of course, if you know me, you know I don’t have a great history with driving.  I will let you in on the secret – it took me several tries (like 4-5 times) to get my driver’s license – even after taking driver’s ed and having a private driving instructor.  In my mid-twenties, I relocated to Philadelphia, where my love of driving was quickly replaced with the thrill of city mass transportation – bus, subway and even the occasional cab ride.  It certainly was a tough life, at times, getting on buses with my sweet baby girl (who was 2 at the time I relocated there) but not having to worry about car insurance payments, getting gas and the other stresses that came with owning a car was a great blessing at the time.  I found that we spend less money when we couldn’t just jump in a car and go somewhere and we were much fitter since we were back to walking places. And now in my life, I am thrilled to have the lifestyle where I am back to exploring different modes of transportation.  I am blessed to have a car back in my life now and use it as my main transportation.  Having many different cars in my life; a Volvo growing up to a Toyota SUV to a Honda to my dream car – a sexy white mustang, I am happy to have my new love Rusty.  Not much of a car, Rusty is an old soul (like me) that was loved by his original owners for many years and has joined me in this new chapter of my life.  He is joined by Marcus – my sleek but worn in bicycle.  This new chapter of life, in Florida, affords me the ability to be active and participate in activities in which both Rusty and Marcus are used regularly and therefore I am thankful for transportation – however it comes into my life.


Thankfulness Day Five:

I am thankful for crap, reality tv.  I will admit it, I am a fan of crap reality tv – the stupider the better for me.  Life can be difficult, stressful and very up and down and when the realities of life gets to be overwhelming, crap reality tv is a silly outlet.  During stressful times, others choice to gamble, drink, run or other ways to escape but for me, I am thankful for crap, reality tv!  Maybe it is the something that keeps me feeling young. Certainly I know that it is a time sucker – I have found at times that I sit down to watch a reality tv show and next thing I know, hours have gone by.  But the concept of watching silly reality tv shows at times has lighten tense situations and helped to introduction laughter when much needed.  So for me, as silly or bad as others might think it is, I am thankful for crap reality tv.



Thankful Month: Day 3

Thankfulness Day Three:

I am thankful for clean clothes (and the great machines that make them clean and dry). 


Quite simply, there is no better household job than folding and putting away clean clothes.

The smell of clean clothes, the feel of soft, clean cloths and the simple idea that a pile of dirty, smelling items can be mixed with water, soap and friction and be clean and ready for wear is amazing.  I like the feeling of accomplishment that happens with the act of laundry.  And I am thankful that I am fortunate enough to have clean clothes – no matter how they get clean.

Thankful Month: Day 2

I am thankful for my job (and the ability to always land a great job).  Let’s be honest, nobody likes to search for a job.  I think that being unemployment is about as painful as going to the dentist (sorry to all my dentist friends) or as awkward as dating.

job-loveSimilarly, to dating, the process of looking for a job can make you feel extremely vulnerable.  Both processes are comparable and complex.  Repeatedly, you search on websites or apps for different jobs (or for a date).  You pick the jobs that you feel would fit you best or that seem the most engaging (simarly to looking for a mate on Bumble or Tinder).  NOTE:  Someone should develop an app for the job search, just like Tinder.  You send the possible job opportunity all of your information. Then the waiting game begins; you wait for them to pick you for an interview.  If they don’t pick you, then you are sad or angry for a few days and start the process again.  And if they pick you, then you go interview (or go on your first date).  You ask questions, they ask questions, you check them out, they check you out… and then, you make a decision that can affect all aspects of your life.  Yes, for the job (or date) or no and then start the process all over again.

Both processes; job search and dating are ones that I have been through many times over in my lifetime.  My search for a job and for a mate started around the same time – as an early pre-teen.  And at this point in my life, I am proud to say that I have been very successful in the job hunt process (not so much in the dating hunt process).  Whether it is a talent or just a learned skill, I have the great ability to land outstanding jobs.  I have had the great pleasure of holding a vast range of positions; from a nanny (as a teen), camp counselor, probation officer, education coordinator, event planner, and restaurant manager.

And now, as I share this, I am thankful for my current job in sales and marketing.  I work for an outstanding company, with amazing co-workers, at a great office location with terrific perks and a weekly paycheck (which is the all-time best!)!

November: Thankful Month

A few years ago, I was challenged by a good friend to participate in what seems now to be a trend of sharing what you are thankful for during the month of November. Some people have the talent of photography and share their thankfulness through their photos; while others have the talent of the written word. Not sure if it is a talent but I certainly enjoy expressing myself in written form with fun photos. And since I have been currently overwhelmed with a personal situation that is causing me to be Negative Nancy ALL the time, I decided that I need to jump back on this bandwagon again; in the hopes that it will turn my poor attitude and outlook around.

So here goes…. Thankfulness Day One (yes I am a day late but give me a break, I did say I was in a poor mood- like every day):

I am thankful for life. While I am certainly going through something personal and things seem bleak now, I am thankful to be alive each day to see what life has in store for me. Sadly, I know that there are those among us that fight the decision to choose life each day. And though I could never imagine the pain that they must feel daily, to consider an option other than life, I know how extreme the ups and downs can be. As I make the decision to keep on trucking, I urge others to stay in the fight! Be thankful for life and do all that you can to help others be thankful for life.


New Chapter


In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I’m back!

Four years ago, in the summer of 2012, my daughter and I decided to start a new hobby together; running.  We started with a small, 3 mile fun run, and planned to increase from there. And with this new hobby, I wanted to create a unique way to track our progress.

And with that, my blog was born.

In the infancy stage, I wrote at least two times a week.  Then, of course, life took over and it became once a week and then a few times a month.  And at some point, most recently, I just stopped writing at all.  There were times that I felt bad that I wasn’t writing; as if people would miss it.  I felt a bit guilty as if I was neglecting something.  I haven’t written in FOREVER.  Maybe for a lack of what to write about.  Maybe because I was too busy enjoying life to write.  Or maybe I have been just too lazy.

But then I realized that there is some part of me that was missing that creative part of my life.  It has been an outlet; a way to express myself about subjects and people that I can not necessary share in ‘real life’ for one reason or another.

For such a long time, I have been just living.  Going to work, loving my daughter and my fur babies, hanging with friends, searching for Mr. Right and be active but not really FULLY engaging in any of those situations.   And over the last few months, I have been trying to figure out why I have been fully involved in anything or anyone.  And though, I don’t think that me getting back to blogging will answer all my questions, I do believe it is a one of the many steps that I am employing in this new chapter of my life.

So get ready… I’m back and maybe better than ever.


For better or worse, I have launched a new chapter of my life.  I have moved back to Florida but this time, closer to Fort Lauderdale/ Miami area!  I am working for an amazing new organization as an Event Planner/ Manager of a brand new venture (more to come later).  I am single and so ready to Mingle!  Bring on the attractive South Florida men!  I am looking for someone different; nothing like I have ever dated.  I am living on my own for the first time in 20+ years but with a roommate (more on that later) and so ready to see what that is all about.  I am still a fun, involved Mama but from afar as I enjoy my daughter launching her own new chapter at college.  And I am ready for new experiences, new adventures and up for anything.  In the words of someone that I recently gotten to know and completly look up to as a great inspiration model (Ms. Kelsey Lehnen), I am going to remember to put myself first in this new chapter and will do something that makes me happy every day.

Ready to join this new chapter with me?  Love to hear your comments!