What is that? A Fairy?

A few years ago I was so very fortunate to become friends with an amazing, crazy and interesting person.  For the purposes of this tale, we shall call this friend Jamie.  Jamie and I were a great match and created such fun memories – some that I still giggle and snort about to this day.

Soon after we became friends, something magical happen to us both.  We discovered a fairy.  This was by no means an ordinary fairy (are there such things?) but this was a wonderful, magical fairy!  Why you ask?  Well this was an outstanding fairy because our new fairy brought us:       BEER

Without knowing it, Jamie and I had discovered the ‘beer fairy.’   We research what and who this creature was, and when and how we could make the ‘beer fairy’ appear but sadly there was not much on the World Wide Web (wow did I just prove how old I am using the type World Wide Web? ) about the ‘beer fairy.’  You can google how to make an omelet, how to dress for a first date and how to conduct a background check but you can’t find anything about the ‘beer fairy’ – most especially not the type that came into our lives.
















On urbandictionary.com, it describes a ‘beer fairy’ as ‘the beer fairy is a mysterious creature that does its work only at night, usually after a party has taken place. This creature, comes into your apartment (or other party facility) and glues all of ur cups to the counter and tables. The beer fairy then fills many beer cans back up half way. Sometimes the fairy even goes as far as to take things and punch holes in walls. This is reason why so many people find their dwellings in these conditions the morning after a party.’

What is this RUDE, disrupted and mean type of creature?  Certainty not our amazing, magical, special and delightful ‘beer fairy.’  You see, our ‘beer fairy’ stocked our frigs with beer – always our favorite types, always cold and always in large amounts.  We discovered at other times our beer was left on the front steps of our houses or in our garages.  And once our ‘beer fairy’ created a scavenger hunt in which beer was the prize at the end.

Who would have thought that being surprised with beer could make a person so happy?  Now don’t be alarmed, either Jamie nor I are alcoholics.  We don’t ‘have’ to have beer, wine or any alcohol to make us happy or even to make it through the day.  Don’t worry Mom – alcohol is not all that.  But we both agree that sometimes a cold beer is just what you want!  And to have our own ‘beer fairy’?  Magic to our ears!

But all good things must come to an end (so they say).  A few years ago, Jamie and I went our separate ways and with the end of our relationship, it was also surprisingly the end of the ‘beer fairy.’  No more magic frigs!  No more beer on the porch to welcome you home!  No more beer scavenger hunts (sounds like a great game at an adult party!) We are back to normal people – buying our beer at a store or in Northern Idaho, a beverage barn.  Sad and Boring!!!!!

To this day, I often wonder was there a really even a ‘beer fairy?’  Was Jamie my’ beer fairy?’  Was I Jamie’s ‘beer fairy’?  Or was it all a dream?  And today, after a long, up and down, stressful and fun week, I say ‘beer fairy’ oh ‘beer fairy’ where fair art my ‘beer fairy? Please, please magically deliver Kokanee beer to my porch tonight!’

Anyone interested in interviewing for the role – just deliver my favorite type of beer, cold on my porch tonight and you got the job!  In the meantime, I think I found my Halloween costume – Jen the beer fairy — oh wait Jen the beer princess has a better ring to it! Thoughts?















Blessed – not a word I use often but a perfect word for how I am feeling.

It has been a rough few months but blessed is how I feel… in no order…

- blessed that I have an amazing, beautiful and smart daughter that is excelling in school and is in the middle of her junior year Homecoming week and blessed that it has been so fun helping plan the themed days, seeing it all pull together and taking the pictures – posting pictures later this week – can’t wait for Saturday to see her dressed in her outstanding dress

- blessed that we have a new addition to our family – she is a suprisely but welcome change – BB – you are a joy to have and welcome anytime

- blessed that I have a great NEW job that I am excited about and so appreciated to have… I am learning, exploring and know that this will be just the right/best thing for Johanna and I going forward – can’t wait to see what is in store

- blessed that I have the ability to take care of what I need and want for my family – despite the hell that we have been through lately

- blessed that my relationship with my parents is growning stronger each day

- blessed that my entire family is safe, healthy and happy

- blessed for great friendships that have lifted me up when I was down, laughed when I snorted, and know that I need hugs often – and give them

- blessed for a new  development in my personal life – I am not sure where it is going or what will happen but it makes me smile and blush

-blessed for my crazy dogs – they piss me off often but also feel my heart with joy, laughs and love – love when I see them snuggling with kiddo

- blessed for wine and my crock pot

- blessed for life

Dating after Divorce – online dating – and more???



Hello again…. as some of you that have followed this blog or at least read it in the past know, I started this blog a few years ago, as a way to express myself. This blog became a creative outlet to discuss topics or situations that typical flow in my head over and over again but never really see the light of day.  For one reason or another, I just haven’t been inspired enough to jump back into this blogging world.  But then, life’s twists and turns have brought me back.

Just as a reminder, I don’t claim to be an expert on this subject by any means- even though I have been trained in certain aspects of healthy relationships.  And I will also issue the same warning as I have in the past… if you are my mother or my daughter, proceed with caution as I am going to discuss the wonderful but somewhat confusing topic of DATING!

Of course, the topic of dating is very broad.  As we all seem to do in this age of technology, googling the word ‘Dating’ you might discover different sites that cover the varies categories including ‘healthy dating’, ‘teens and dating’, ‘dating apps’, ‘dating as an empty nester’, ‘great first date questions’, ‘speed dating activities’, ‘why date’, ‘dating after divorce’ and so on.

Now please forgive me if I sound judgment but what has been swirling around in my head is this notion of people that jump into dating so quickly after ending a relationship.  Again, not wanting to sound judgment but it seems to be mostly guys.

In the last few weeks, I have heard story after story of guys that have been happily married for 12, 15, 20 plus years – long enough to create multiple children, establish roots, and more. And then something causes a split and y, a few months later, even before the divorce papers are drawn up, the guy is already looking to date.

Now I know that everyone is entitled to have someone in their life – heck- that is why God made us.  But really?  It is really hard for me to understand how someone can devote that many years with one person and then in such a short period of time, leap to look to engage in a dating relationship with someone else.

Is it the idea of just having someone in their life?  Fear of being alone?  Is it just the sex?  (Sorry mom and kiddo – if you are reading this!)

But what is really baffing to me is that these semi-married-quick-to-jump-into-dating guys are actually ruining dating for some of us in the world. Now, I don’t speak for all single ladies but here is the idea.  As a single woman, you met (through dating apps, online, at work, when volunteering, through friends or other means) an attractive guy.  You begin talking.  Maybe even flirting and you ask “So how long have you been single?”  And BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The answer – it varies depending on the person but generally, they mentioned causally (always causally as if it doesn’t matter) that they are recently separated after a long marriage and are just getting back out in the dating world to see what is out there.


What are we (single ladies – makes me giggle and think of the Beyoncé song) suppose to do with that?  No single woman wants to date – even causally- a guy that has just (and when I say just I mean 3 – 6 months) gotten out of a marriage that lasted more than a decade. Even if we are looking for something causal, nobody wants to engage, connect or date anyone that has been involved with someone for more than 2 decades and wants to then get involved in a ‘relationship’

Thoughts anyone?????????????????????????

Happy, happy, happy birthday LaTanya!

bw friends

Happy Birthday LaTanya!

As the day is coming to the close, I want to send out one last happy birthday to a wonderful friend!  LaTanya is an amazing woman, a fabolous mom, fun friend and a sexy bride to be!

In the last few months, LaTanya has been a main source of support for me at work!  She has encouraged me when I have struggled and always brought in the fun.

But besides being co-workers, LaTanya has become one of my best friends – at times my only friend.  And though I credit her for that because she is an amazing person but I actually realize that at times, she is my only friend because I am a difficult person to deal with (not surprisely to people huh).

LaTanya has listened to me when I needed to vent about anything! She has made me laugh!  She has shared good food!  She has created awesome memories that I will never forget!  She has been there when I had nobody.  She has made me want to do more and be more.

She is and has been a true friend!  And so I say happy, happy, happy, happy birthday to a beautiful, amazing, awesome, funny, creative, sweet, smart, good-looking, honest, hard-working and incredible friend, mother, and bride to be!

Happy Birthday LaTanya!





A relative of the wasp and the bee, ants take over your house, your world, you life!  Their purpose – to set up colonies and do WHAT?????  And get this, ants are on every colony, except one, so we can not avoid them!

When the summer weather finally hit in Idaho, we had the ANT conversation.  No crumbs on the counters, wash off dishes when you leave them in the sink, don’t leave out food…. in short,  don’t trust any situation where ants can come out.

And for a short period of time, it worked!  But then one day, I went into the kitchen and there they were….. near the trash can, under the sink, in the sink, in the dishwasher, on the counter, by the stove and more.

So after screaming….. more screaming… a bit more screaming.. I realized that I needed to do something about the ant family that decided that it would take over my kitchen.

I looked under the sink to see what I had to kill them.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, I planted to kill them.  Before anyone of you begin a lecture on how they are God’s creatures and we should protect them to keep the balance of life, step back and remember that they took over my kitchen. They were in my dishwasher.  On my counters where I prepare food for my family.  In and around my dog food and so many more places.

They came in, took over my kitchen, ate my food – all without asking.  So as much as I am all about preserving life but not for somethings that are disrespecting me!

Now back to the issue at hand.  After all the carrying on about the ants in the kitchen, I began to explore options on how to get ruin of them – or in my mind, kill them.  I googled, I asked friends, I read and it was all so confusing. Being a fierce independent female (too much at times – sorry!), I didn’t want to ask for help.  But I was desperate.

I reached out to my parents and begged my dad for his expertise on ant killing!  He suggested that I buy the biggest container of ant killing product and spray, spray, spray and spray more. I did and it has worked perfectly.  The ants are gone and peace has been restored into the house!  Thanks Dad for saving the day!